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Digitalization and continuous innovation come with many chances but also hold a lot of risks. Together with you SYS-IT chooses the systems and resources that are the most suitable for your company.


An information flow that is becoming ever faster and the sheer range of available communication media can be overwhelming. But networks don’t have to be complicated SYS-IT gets your company online – efficiently, securely and powerfully.


SYS-IT makes for protection and control in your company, based on the highest standards in video surveillance and admission control.


Communicating in time of hybrid work and home office – there are a bunch of solutions, based on audio, video or cloud. SYS-IT helps you to find the most suitable system for your company.


SYS-IT supports you in successfully implementing efficient working time registration and thus helps you with internal planning, administration and control.


Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are by now well-known terms. However, beginning to work with these new technologies can at first seem rather complicated. SYS-IT shows you what possibilities you have and how you can use them efficiently.


The customized solution for you instead of goods from a box.

In a world in which everyday life is becoming ever faster, complexity is increasing and progress is advancing relentlessly.

We are constantly confronted with new innovations and must not only be able to analyze, react to and control them quickly, but also appropriately We need to be well networked, communicate efficiently and still protect our data and ourselves. Information technology is an indispensable tool for making this possible.

At SYS-IT, we live and work according to the mindset that IT should simplify and enrich all our lives.

We are a team of experts who operate with passion and genuine interest in the complex IT landscape.

Together with our partners, we would also like to provide you and your employees with individual and comprehensive support. Whether you need advice, planning or implementation – we are there for you!

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