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We at SYS-IT are pleased to advise you on the subject of professional IT solutions. We offer you a comprehensive service that goes far beyond sales and installation. Work with us and benefit from full service support, client/server solutions, cloud computing and site networking via VPN.

Our experienced IT project managers are familiar with licensing, configuration and administration of hardware and software. To ensure optimal IT security in your company, we also devote ourselves to antivirus and backup solutions, carry out security checks and train your employees so that you are prepared for all eventualities.

We provide you with customized IT solutions that are not off the shelf.

Digital Workplace

Modern Work

Digitalization is progressing rapidly and is resulting in a number of changes to our everyday lives. The way we work has also changed significantly and more and more companies want to offer their employees the benefits of this new development.

Hybrid Cloud

The best of both worlds

What exactly is a hybrid cloud? The answer is easy: a hybrid cloud combines the private cloud and public cloud models and is therefore incredibly versatile.

Managed Services

Service that you need

IT is becoming increasingly complex and more and more companies are turning to managed services to take the pressure off their employees. ery few companies have trained specialist staff to deal with the growing challenges of the IT landscape.


Protect yourself

The rapid progress of modern technologies brings many advantages, but also harbors some risks. Nowadays, new innovations are often implemented faster than the industry’s security standards can keep up.

We are looking forward to your project

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