The rapid progress of modern technologies brings many advantages, but also harbors some risks. Nowadays, new innovations are often implemented faster than the industry’s security standards can keep up. In particular, the negligence of untrained employees can quickly become a threat to a company’s cyber security.

Protect yourself with professional awareness training!

After all, the strongest protection against viruses and Trojans for your company is ultimately wide-awake employees.

Together with our partner Securepoint, we offer you modern training programs to establish a sustainable security culture that protects both your company and your employees.

That's what we call effective cybersecurity training!

The Awareness PLUS program gives you access to a modern e-learning platform with versatile learning modules and extensive customization options. Templates for industries such as medical practices, consumer goods manufacturers or public authorities and administration increase the quality of the training.

Train your awareness muscle!

Mindfulness and attention become routine through practice. The effect of one-off courses or workshops quickly fades, and once an encryption Trojan has landed on your hard drive, any training is too late.

Awareness PLUS trains the awareness muscle over the course of a year through a variety of exercises and raises awareness of the risks and dangers of the digital world.

Turn your team into a “human firewall” – stronger and smarter than any AI could ever be.

We are looking forward to your project

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