An ever-faster flow of information and the increasing networking in companies require future-oriented planning and installation of the means of communication. Depending on the individual requirements, we can scale the size of the network almost freely. No matter how complex the company network, together we will find a solution for all small to medium-sized companies.

At SYS-IT, we know that every company needs a WLAN infrastructure that suits it perfectly but is also reliable and secure. Modern companies need infrastructures that make their day-to-day work easier and enable them to have a confident digital presence.

Conception, Planning, Operation & More

You can rely on the expertise of SYS-IT! Networking is our core business and we are guaranteed to find the right solution for you. We provide you with reliable and comprehensive support: from design and planning, installation and operation to troubleshooting and general support – we exploit the full potential of your infrastructure for you.

Platinum Partner – Platinum Solutions

SYS-IT is a proud LANCOM Platinum Partner and therefore fully qualified in all areas of network solutions to offer your company exactly what it needs. LANCOM Systems is a European full-range provider, and its applications ensure high-performance, flexible and secure networks. The basis for data exchange and communication is an important point in every company. Together with LANCOM Systems, we would like to support you in gaining a competitive advantage that will help you in the long term.

As a full-range provider, LANCOM applications cover every user case. Even indoors good WLAN can be a challenge, depending on the type of building and area. Outdoors on the other hand, weather conditions or unusual temperatures can become an obstacle. LANCOM Systems has robust portfolios for both situations that make WLAN coverage feasible everywhere. And even under demanding conditions, such as in industrial environments, we can create a stable connection.

But what about those environments in which the networks are highly frequented and therefore quickly overloaded, such as at events? We also have the right solution for these seemingly ‘overloaded’ scenarios: powerful dual-concurrent or tri-band devices from the LANCOM Wi-Fi 6E portfolio provide exactly the WLAN quality you need.

LANCOM Platinum Partner

Online with Safety

Many branches can make a network insecure, and many companies are exposed to the dangers of cyber-attacks. With SD-Branch, we can support your network with a holistic product portfolio and automated network orchestration. This allows you to keep your networks manageable and yet capable of growth.

We also offer you our VPN (virtual private network) services to make the networking of multiple locations inaccessible to outsiders. This means you can be sure that your internal network remains encrypted and that only authorized persons have access.

WLAN Simply Everywhere

Absolutely secure, inexpensive and, above all, very easy to connect your guests to the Internet with LAN1 hotspots. As an innovative service provider with many years of experience, we offer you a range of services that is perfectly tailored to your requirements and that will bring you real benefits.

Whether in a café, in a doctor’s waiting room, in a hotel or on a campsite, no matter what your requirements are – we offer you well thought-out complete solutions of any size with customized service packages.

How do LAN1 hotspots work? Easy, efficiently and based on state-of-the-art hardware. With guest Internet access, your legal security is guaranteed at all times, and you will be helped reliably and quickly with any questions or errors occurring.


Your Hotspot – Your Tariff

Free of charge, for a fee or with a voucher – with the LAN1 tariff models, you decide how your guests access the network. Full flexibility is guaranteed by the option to switch to a different billing method at any time. Time limits for online access are also no problem, so you can, for example, give each guest 30 minutes a day to surf the net.

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