IT is becoming increasingly complex and more and more companies are turning to managed services to take the pressure off their employees. Very few companies have trained specialist staff to deal with the growing challenges of the IT landscape. These include the sometimes complicated structure of the cloud, the rise in cybercrime and the sheer number of end devices now available. It can be very helpful to hand over some of the responsibility to external service providers.

Managed services are different from ordinary IT services in that they are precisely defined in advance in terms of the quality and scope of the service to be provided. This means you only receive exactly the service you want and need.

SYS-IT offers you the following services, among others:


Proactive maintenance in the form of care and regular updates to work preventively against security gaps and ensure greater stability in your company


Fast availability, remote Relieving your maintenance and reliable on-site assistance in the event of problems or errors


IT department through out-tasking, while you retain the overall control

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