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Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) – two terms that have gained enormous importance in recent years. They have the potential to fundamentally change our world and open up new possibilities.

The combination of AI and VR opens up great opportunities

AI refers to the ability of machines to simulate human-like thinking and learning. By using algorithms and data analysis, AI systems can perform complex tasks, recognize patterns and make decisions. The importance of AI lies in the fact that it helps us to work more efficiently, solve problems faster and gain new insights.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, allows us to immerse ourselves in a computer-generated environment and interact with it. By wearing VR glasses, we are transported into a virtual world that deceives our senses and gives us the feeling that we are actually in a different place. It opens up completely new experiences and perspectives.

The combination of AI and VR opens up even greater possibilities. By using AI in VR applications, virtual environments can be made more intelligent and interactive.

Changed Perception of Teaching Content

One area in which virtual reality has been proven to contribute to greater success is education. Through the visualization and the changed perception of teaching content, knowledge is captured multisensory and stored for the long term.

Whether for teaching, onboarding new employees, training or further education – the almost infinite possibilities of VR make content tangible. And your company saves resources and capacities in the process!

Discover the enormous potential of the technology

Depending on your needs, our partner VIL will provide you with the right hardware and software. Sets of high-quality VR glasses and tablets as well as programs for controlling and managing content and applications make it easy even for VR beginners to get started. The extensive content library offers you content of all kinds with 360° videos, interactive materials and the option of flexible expansion.

Immerse yourself in new worlds and discover the enormous potential of tomorrow’s technology!

The Amazon in 360°, anti-racism training for the job interview or insights into industrial mechanics – VIL’s content library is incredibly versatile and provides materials for a wide variety of purposes.

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