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Advances in telephone and communication technology have led to an upswing in IP telephony and cloud PBX in recent years. But what exactly is it? IP telephony is common voice communication via the Internet Protocol and is also known as Voice-over-IP (VoIP). Based on this, companies are now relying on virtual telephone systems – also known as Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) – which are software-based telephony solutions. All conventional PBX functions are made available over the Internet via the data center of the respective cloud PBX provider. This also means that neither hardware nor analog connections are required on the business premises. However, a high-performance Internet connection is important to ensure an appropriate connection quality.

Customized Communication

Over the last few decades, we have developed excellent expertise in the field of telecommunications. Today, we at SYS IT offer you tailor-made communication, including quick and easy setup of all telephone system functions. With a special feel for trends and innovations, we always have our finger on the pulse of the times. Because we know one thing for sure: communication is the basis for successful business! That’s why we provide you with integrated, professional communication infrastructures that aim to improve interpersonal communication. We work with you to develop the right solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our Managed Communications Service thus provides you with all the benefits of any communications service individually tailored to your company. We guarantee the maximum level of security and protection of your data.

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Stable and Fast: How you get the performance you need

A high-performance Internet access is of fundamental importance to ensure an adequate connection quality. But how do you know which connection you actually need and which one is available? In addition to price and speed, there are also some differences in technology and therefore also individual advantages and disadvantages. At SYS-IT, we have an overview and can tell you exactly which connections you have access to and which is best suited to you and your business. In addition to classic DSL, we offer VDSL connections with speeds from 50 to 250 MBit/s, depending on availability. For the fastest connection, you have the option of a fiber optic upgrade at your desired rate! Fiber optic is not only faster than conventional copper lines, but also offers the highest possible bandwidth for a large number of users, is incomparably reliable in operation and is also more environmentally friendly thanks to its energy-saving properties.

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Efficient Collaboration Thanks to Cloud Telephone Systems

After an intensive examination of the area of cloud telephony, which focused primarily on the topic of what exactly suits which company, SYS-IT is now a fully-fledged provider and only offers you specially tested products that are really convincing. Thanks to software-based technology, cloud telephone systems offer an incredible range of functions that go far beyond the basic requirements. Your team works together more efficiently with conference calls and call pickups for absent employees. Seamlessly integrate all company- and even personal numbers while maintaining control over your availability. Record calls and keep detailed call lists.

At SYS-IT you get all this in very good quality and at a fair price. The SYS-Fon PBX portfolio consists of the components SysFon, SysMobile and SysUC. It includes landline and mobile telephony as well as solutions for UCC (UCC stands for Unified Communications & Collaboration ) – bundled from the cloud. All functions and services can be booked on a scalable and needs-based model, allowing you to control your communication yourself and benefit from significant cost savings. Our handling is extremely flexible: all of the services we offer can be individually expanded and temporary changes or additions are also possible. And of course we also take care of your data protection! To ensure that you always feel secure, an installation-free video conferencing system that does not interfere with the company network is also part of the package.

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