What exactly is a hybrid cloud? The answer is easy: a hybrid cloud combines the private cloud and public cloud models and is therefore incredibly versatile. The biggest advantage is that different business processes can be easily divided on this basis and be assigned to the appropriate cloud structure. While the requirements of applications that are critical for data protection or legally regulated companies are met, the flexibility of publicly accessible cloud solutions remains applicable at the same time.

The hybrid cloud is easily scalable and enables companies to act quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining their data protection and security. Sensitive business processes can be operated via the private cloud, while the public cloud ensures significant cost savings by operating via a service provider. There is no need to invest in hardware or space for large data centers, yet companies can expand their resources in real time as required.

Ultimately, the real advantage of the hybrid cloud is that companies gain an incredibly high level of control over their own data and can decide for themselves which options and environments they want to use how and when.

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